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What We Can Do for You

Solar PV Rooftops / Micro Grids

▪ Solar PV Roof-Tops.
▪ Solar Agrivoltaics.
▪ Solar PV Mobile Generators.
▪ Smart city Solutions.

Solar Utility Plants

▪ Trunkey EPC, Solar Park, O&M.
▪ Complete Project Management.
▪ Design and Detailed Engineering.
▪ Strategic Advisories, Owner’s &
Lender's Engineering.

Solar Electrical Vehicle Charging Infra

• Solar powered EV Charging Station.
• AC / DC Fast - Rapid Chargers.
• Asset Management System.
• Energy Management System.

Consultancy Services

  • Designed & detailed engineering

  • Project Management Services

  • Strategic Advisories

  • Owners & Lenders Engineering

"I would put my money on Sun & Solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we dont have to wait until we run out of oil and coal to do this"

Thomas Alva Edison

(1847 - 1931)

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